Cherry Resort: A Hotel with a View!

Set amid a lush green carpet of manicured tea gardens, with 360 degree views of Mt. Kangchendzonga and the Tista River gorge nearly 8000 metres below, Cherry Resort sets a new standard for Himalayan hill resorts. Every spacious room has a deck looking onto a picture-perfect landscape, with wafts of the cool, fresh Himalayan to fill your lungs.
By no stretch of the imagination, this is the most beautiful hotel setting in Sikkim. Set on the slopes of the Temi tea garden, in South Sikkim, it is centrally located among all of the major visitor destinations of Sikkim.

Seasonal Attractions

The Resort is open year-round. Each season offers a unique experience and ambiance, from the clear skies and New Year celebratory excitement in December/January, to spring flower and birdwatching attractions with incredible rhododendron and magnolia blooms in nearby forests. Cozy up to a warming cup of tea and enjoy the romance of summer monsoon. Explore the great outdoors in autumn’s sun-filled days, ideal for touring and trekking, or relax on the veranda and let your eyes do the walking.

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